Henry Less

To say Henry Less is experienced is an understatement. He’s sailed across the Atlantic, done time in a Colombian jail, mined for gold, raced motorcycles and circled the globe twice. He’s also created a unique body of work as a DP, director and producer of films, TV shows and commercials.

A versatile director/cameraman with a passion for food, Henry has directed and DP’ed shows for the Food Network such as “French Food at Home,” which won a Gemini Award for Best Photography in an Informational Program. He also stepped in to the daunting role of executive producer, director, and DP for another Gemini-Award winner, the culinary Food HD doc series “Made to Order.”

Culinary inclinations aside, Henry is also a strong visual storyteller. His most recent spots for CAPP gave Canada’s upstream oil and natural gas industry a lighter, economically-friendly voice.

Creative shop Agency59 recently called upon him to shoot the gritty Amnesty International PSA “When Someone’s Watching,” depicting a young man beaten senseless in a back-alley by three gunmen. Just as he’s about to meet his end, the man is saved when the assailants realize they are being watched – by viewers. The spot picked up a Gold at the Marketing Magazine Awards, two awards from Applied Arts and received a Finalist Certificate and a UNDPI Finalist Award at the NYF’s World’s Best Advertising.

Henry Less is based in Toronto.